Petron Communications

Field Work

Petron Communications Ltd. has a team of professional Field Technicians in our fully-equipped trucks ready to go 24/7, on call for any type of problem.

All field work is supervised by fully qualified Technicians, who are trained in all facets of S.C.A.D.A., voice and microwave systems, from installation to trouble shooting. Their training includes post-secondary education as well as in-house Petron Communications Ltd. training.

All of our Field Technicians are also fully qualified for communications tower work, and can look after all your communications tower needs. (Petron Communications Ltd. safety regulations require 2 Petron employees on site for work on any tower.)
Our team members in the field maintain constant communication channels with each other, to quickly dispatch any issues that may arise.

When you order a system from Petron Communications Ltd. the Field Technician that is assigned is responsible for the project from design to implementation. The system is tested in our lab, then when perfected, it will be installed by the Technician in charge.


We are the leader in design, installation and servicing of all communication needs in the heart of the BC oil patch. We specialize in mobile, microwave, S.C.A.D.A., UHF, VHF, stand-alone voice and data communication systems.



HEAD OFFICE (Fort St. John): (250) 785-3333

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
24/7 Service Calls Available